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Mike Edwards' book "Shelf Life E11, E14, E18" was launched in December 2013 and has been reviewed by local press and people. Below are some of the reviews and testimonials given about the book.

Wansteadium online news.

"Mike sought out people who had been in their jobs for many years as they seemed to have the stories he wanted - interesting backgrounds, and an unspoken pride and fortitude in the work to which they were devoted. Mike was also concerned about the numbers of shops that were changing hands and wanted to preserve these stories and images."

Chingford Times

"A local photographer's five year project to publish the stories of 41 traders has become a reality. Already since it's launch, "Shelf Life E11, E14, E18" has sold more than 140 copies, with the images capturing the character of the people involved. Mike is a strong advocate of local causes and hopes he has given the local business community extra exposure."

Jose Navarro - professional photographer

"It's good Mike - it has a soul and is a true documentary project - you have a good relationship with your subjects"

Geoff Wilkinson - professional photographer

"I agreed to be in the book because I thought it was a really good idea. Mike showed me some of his pictures and I felt he had some really interesting subjects, from bellringers to greengrocers."

Marg Durston - professional artist
"It's a fantastic thing you have done - a valuable social document"

Alan Stevens - Media Coach
"a superb book of photos and stories"

Wanstead Hairdressers, Harveys the Greengrocers and Keatings Jewellers all report a recent increase in custom as a result of their inclusion in Shelf Life.

To see a sample of the pictures and accompanying text in the book click on the links below


E11 - Wanstead

E4 - Chingford

E18 - Woodford